Recipe consulting

»Unique flavour«

With our rotary moulders, you can process a great number of different recipes which impart a unique flavour to your cookies and thereby make them stand out from amongst the mass produced goods offered by discounters.

Recipes consist of various different ingredients which are all shaped by regional and seasonal requirements. For instance, the choice of grease, such as butter or margarine, or the fineness of flours all influence the processing of a dough. Moreover, the ambient temperature, the processing temperature or the point in time of preparation before the processing can all have a significant influence. This means that a dough must have a certain level of robustness, but also that situational adaptation of the respective recipe may be required as well.

Consequently, we offer you the opportunity to test the shaping of your recipes and doughs with our cookie moulding machines in our baking laboratory before you make a purchase decision for a Janssen cookie moulding machine. A dough test like this gives you the opportunity to become familiar with our machines and to evaluate the baking results.

Are you looking for new recipes and inspiration?

We have developed basic recipes for our machines with which you can begin your production operations or which can serve as a basis for comparison or a guideline for your own recipes.

We would be glad to offer you the services of our food technologists in developing new recipes with you or of creating your custom cookie moulds in our design atelier.

Get in touch with us – we would be pleased to assist you and provide advice!