The Janssen factory, rich in tradition

»A day at Janssen«

Come for a visit at our cookie moulding machine factory in Krefeld. Anyone who shares our passion for the finest in cookies and pastries knows that no two doughs are alike. Consequently, your personal day at Janssen will include a great deal of testing and optimizing so that you can choose the ideal Janssen machine for your production operations. Experience our machines in action and test their functionality with your own proprietary dough recipes. Our employees will assist you throughout the day, whether with explanations and advice or for the creation of your individualized small cookies.

On the road

When requested by customers, our cookie moulding machines can be delivered and commissioned on site. We carry out commissioning on site ourselves nationally, and in special situations abroad as well.

We have authorized distributors internationally who represent us in foreign countries.

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We recommend commissioning with the purchase of our cookie moulding machines so that you and your team can become properly familiar with the machine.

These visits to customers are very valuable for us because they give us a thorough insight into the daily workflows of our customers, which helps us derive the relevant requirements for the continuous development work we carry out on our products.

Get in touch with us, including concerning spare parts and roller orders. Take advantage of the skills present in our design atelier and order your custom pattern roller!

Our baking laboratory

Before you make a decision to purchase a Janssen cookie moulding machine, we invite you to visit us and test our machines with your doughs in our baking laboratory. This will give you the opportunity to become familiar with our machines, to evaluate the processing of your doughs and to become inspired by our ideas concerning the entire topic of “cookies.”

You will also receive assistance from our experienced developers in the recipe consulting department.

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Our design atelier

Your ideas for cookie motifs are captured and realized by our designers or, based on your samples or ideas, are adapted so that they are perfectly suited for processing with our machines. Our expertise lies in our ability to fashion the motifs you desire so that they can be implemented with a high recognition value in the medium of “dough.”

Describe the cookies you desire or send us a sample with the dimensions you need so that we can prepare an individual offer for you!

Service and sales

From our headquarters in Krefeld, we maintain contact with our worldwide network of customers and distributors. As a factory rich in tradition, run by the fifth family generation, we have a great vertical range of manufacture with the most modern machines along with a very well qualified team of employees.

Our maintenance service department is available for you here in Krefeld year-round. Because we fabricate all of the components for our machines here in Krefeld, we are able to reliably supply spare parts even for older machines.

Please bear in mind that in the Christmas season from September through November there is very high demand for spare parts and maintenance appointments. Consequently, please reserve an appointment well in advance for an inspection of your cookie moulding machine here in our facility.


Our factory in Krefeld is located in the immediate vicinity of the Düsseldorf airport. This means we can be reached easily even by customers and interested parties from further afield, both nationally and internationally.

Are you interested in one of our rotary moulders? We would be glad to provide extensive information – just make an appointment to come visit us here in our facility!

Get in touch with us as well for spare parts and roller orders. Take advantage of the skills present in our design atelier and order your custom pattern roller!

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