Janssen has shaped enjoyment since 1872!

The »Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Janssen GmbH« is a family-owned factory, which has been located in Krefeld on the Lower Rhine since 1872. We produce high-quality cookie moulding machines for moulding and shaping shortcrust doughs, but also for efficient processing of marzipan, gingerbread dough and Printen dough – all in keeping with our motto:
»Janssen shapes enjoyment« .

Machines & hand craftsmanship
Machines & hand craftsmanship

Our high-quality and long-lived Janssen cookie moulding machines are made exclusively in Krefeld – and have been since 1872!

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Pastry cases & cake bases
Pastry cases & cake bases

With our Janssen rotary moulders, you can shape your dough bases for cakes and cases for pastries effortlessly and efficiently.

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Dough varieties & recipes
Dough varieties & recipes

With our Janssen rotary moulders, you can process a great variety of doughs and recipes

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Individualized, unmistakable cookies: From your baked business card to your logo or highly customized graphic motifs and patterns

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A day at Janssen
A day at Janssen

Janssen cookie moulding machines are made in various different sizes which are designed for the use of different, common baking sheet widths.

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»The only way to get rid of a temptation
is to yield to it.«

-Oscar Wilde

Janssen cookie moulding machines

Our high-quality cookie moulding machines made of stainless steel are fabricated exclusively in our factory in Krefeld – from the first design sketch to the final surface finishing – and the quality claim “Made in Germany” is now being lived out in the 5th generation at the Janssen company.

Customers with craftsman’s and semi-industrial production facilities use our cookie moulding machines which provide capacities for small cookies and endless products of from 30 to 650 kg of dough per hour.


  • Decorated pretzels
    Decorated pretzels
  • Flamed marzipan
    Flamed marzipan
  • Arabian biscuits with orange
    Arabian biscuits with orange
  • Janssen's World of Cards
    anssen's World of Cards
  • Marble biscuits
    Marble biscuits
  • Butter biscuits
    Butter biscuits
  • Taler biscuits
    Taler biscuits
  • Crescents with chocolate
    Crescents with chocolate
  • Janssen's Little World
    Janssen's Little World
  • Wreath biscuits
    Wreath biscuits

»Small cookies – large variety«

Our cookie moulding machines use pattern rollers with many different motifs. We offer a broad spectrum of traditional moulds, such as for speculaas biscuits, ornamented moulds for fine tea biscuits, pretzels, crescents, jam filled biscuits or Linzer biscuits. The exceptional expertise of our engraving shop also enables us to offer custom rollers which implement your personal motifs.

The inspiration for our work comes from collaboration with customers from all over the world whose needs and ideas concerning “cookie moulds” form the ideal basis for the conception and further development of our products.

The marketing of our products in Germany is conducted directly by Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Janssen GmbH. Get in touch with us by email or telephone if you would like to schedule a comprehensive consultancy appointment on our premises or would like to place an order or perhaps need more information on our products.

Janssen worldwide

We work together with selected partners abroad who can supply you with our products and provide assistance with advice and resources – here you can find our list of international distributors and further information we have gathered for you.