Optional equipment for your Janssen cookie moulding machine

Our Janssen cookie moulding machines can be configured according to your needs. In keeping with the diverse products and production situations of our customers, we offer many different types of optional features for our Janssen cookie moulding machines. These make it possible to integrate our cookie moulding machines into production lines as well as use them in combination with band ovens or with the optional feature of an extended sheet receiver which can be folded away to save space when it is not in use.

Do you have any questions concerning integrating our cookie moulding machines into you production operations? Get in touch with us – we will gladly provide you with advice.

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Machine speed control

Machine speed control (V1)

Our cookie moulding machines can be equipped with a machine speed control. This makes is possible to reduce the overall speed, which facilitates the use of the machine in a production line or in combination with a band oven.

Upper conveyor belt speed control

Upper conveyor belt speed control (V2)


  • Placement on deep-sided cake sheets with endless dough
  • Shaping of lattice-work bases
  • Shaping of pastry cases and large pieces of dough

The piece of dough is compressed slightly during the shaping process by the procedure of cutting it off. For larger pieces of dough, such as for pastry cases, this compression can be compensated by adjusting the upper conveyor belt accordingly. For placement on large sheets with endless dough, the speed adjustment for the upper conveyor belt can be used to ensure forming of the dough with no gaps and to prevent tears in the dough band.

Folding conveyor belt unit Folding conveyor belt unit

Folding conveyor belt unit


  • Simplifies operation of the machine for one person
  • Larger sheet surface
  • Saves space when not in use

The folding, height adjustable conveyor belt unit simplifies working with longer baking sheets as well as operation by only one person. The conveyor belt unit can be folded up at the front and back, thereby considerably reducing the machine’s space requirements when not in use. The height of the unit can be adjusted very easily to accommodate sheets with a high edge (max. about 50 mm).

Tilt protection bracket

Tilt protection bracket

Application: Forming of very small cookies (cookie length of less than 40 mm).

Crescent biscuits or small cookies have a tendency to tilt and flip onto the wrong side while being formed and transferred to the baking sheets. The tilt protection bracket prevents the tilting of the cookies and can be adjusted very easily.

Deposit ledge

Deposit ledge

Application: When sheets with high sides are used

When placing small cookies on sheets with higher sides, the deposit ledge prevents the cookies from tumbling down. The cookies slide over the deposit ledge onto the baking sheets.