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Experience our cookie moulding machines in action on our Janssen video channel. We have presented the most important functions, operating information, production characteristics and the great variety of applications in visual form for your informational purposes. Our videos also give you a perfect means of enabling new staff who missed our familiarization training on site to get to know the functions of the machine more quickly. You can easily use our material as a training video in this manner.

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Our Channel: NFF Janssen at YouTube


Our cookie moulding machines and pattern rollers presented in a detailed overview – discover our catalogues:

moulding machines K 250/ K 400/ K 450/ K 580

»Janssen’s standard mould catalogue«

Roller catalogue for our cookie moulding machines K 250/ K 400/ K 450/ K 580

from: 10-2017

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mould catalogue FF105

»Janssens standard mould catalogue FF105«

Roller catalogue for our rotary moulder FF105

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Kataloge zu unseren Gebäckformmaschinen

»Janssens machine catalogue«

Complete information on the NFF Janssen company, including our services.

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»The right cookie for every occasion: Janssen’s Themed Worlds!«

Janssen's »Get Well Soon« World

Janssen's »Easter World«

Janssen's »Autumn World«

Janssen's »Halloween World«

Janssen's »St. Nicolas World«

Janssen's »Small World of Speculaas«

Janssen's »Christmas World«

Janssen's »Winemaker World«

Janssen's »World of Cards«

Janssen's »World of Cute Little Guys«

Janssen's »Little World«

Janssen's »Mundo«