Small cookies are a big deal

»Janssen’s range of pattern rollers«

Discover the endless variety of pattern rollers for small cookies and their many design options. From delicious Linzer biscuits and small marzipan blossoms to fine tea biscuits and delicate crescents. Using this wide spectrum of different dough types, our customers employ our cookie moulding machines to create delicious products that are further refined with exquisite and regional ingredients. The resulting high-quality pastries and cookies stand out from the mass-produced items offered by discounters and are purchased by those who understand the value of the very best in quality.

Examples from the standard range

  • Spanish biscuits
    Spanish biscuits
  • Rhineland speculaas biscuits
    Rhineland speculaas biscuits
  • Butter biscuits (cutter)
    Butter biscuits (cutter)
  • Crescents
  • Spritz biscuits
    Spritz biscuits
  • Linzer biscuits
    Linzer biscuits
  • Butter biscuits
    Butter biscuits
  • Grandma’s biscuits
    Grandma’s biscuits
  • Pretzels
  • Janssen's Easter World
    Janssen's Easter World
  • Janssen's Christmas World
    Janssen's Christmas World
  • Janssen's Cute Little Guys
    Janssen's Cute Little Guys

Roller catalogue download

Our pattern roller catalogues!

The variety of motifs for the pattern rollers used in JANSSEN cookie moulding machines is truly unbounded. We offer a comprehensive repertoire of standard rollers which can be found in our roller catalogues and downloaded here as a PDF document.

Some of the standard shapes can also be made with the small FF105 rotary moulder. Because the FF105 is suited for drier and firmer doughs, the standard range is somewhat limited in comparison to the K machines.

moulding machines K 250/ K 400/ K 450/ K 580

»Janssen’s standard mould catalogue«

Roller catalogue for our cookie moulding machines K 250/ K 400/ K 450/ K 580

from: 10-2017

View catalogue
mould catalogue FF105

»Janssens standard mould catalogue FF105«

Roller catalogue for our rotary moulder FF105

View catalogue
Kataloge zu unseren Gebäckformmaschinen

»Janssens machine catalogue«

Complete information on the NFF Janssen company, including our services.

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»The right cookie for every occasion!«

In addition to classic, traditional shapes from the confectioner’s trade, we are continually expanding the repertoire of JANSSEN standard rollers with our JANSSEN’S Themed Worlds.

»The right cookie for every occasion: Janssen’s Themed Worlds!«

Our Janssen’s Themed Worlds combine a series of the seasonal and charming special figures we have developed – with their primarily small and compact design, they are just waiting to be produced, baked to crispy perfection and then enjoyed.

Janssen's »Get Well Soon« World

Janssen's »Easter World«

Janssen's »Autumn World«

Janssen's »Halloween World«

Janssen's »St. Nicolas World«

Janssen's »Small World of Speculaas«

Janssen's »Christmas World«

Janssen's »Winemaker World«

Janssen's »World of Cards«

Janssen's »World of Cute Little Guys«

Janssen's »Little World«

Janssen's »Mundo«

The path to your own custom roller...

Were you unable to find something fitting in our standard rollers?

We are able to implement nearly any motif concept for your individual Janssen pattern roller. Follow us to your custom designs.

Custom cookies