Dough varieties & recipes

»Endless variety with Janssen’s cookie pattern rollers«

With our Janssen rotary moulders, you can process a great variety of doughs and recipes:
Shortcrust doughs, such as speculaas biscuits, brown and white biscuits, shortbread, vanilla crescents, Jimmy Dodgers, jam filled biscuits, Linzer biscuits, tea biscuits, but also savoury, spicy shortcrust doughs are amongst the dough types with which our customers typically work. With a few restrictions, ingredients such as chopped nuts, almonds or chocolate bits are also possible. Moreover, marzipan, sugar paste and gingerbread can also be shaped very nicely. The production of cake bases and pastry cases calls for more elastic shortcrust doughs and offers an alternative that is both efficient and easy on the dough compared to the classic rolling out procedure.

»He who has but one taste
has no taste.«

-Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Works for these ...

  • Chocolate pretzels
    Chocolate pretzels
  • Cookies
  • Crescents
  • Baked decorations
    Baked decorations
  • Gingerbread
  • Printen biscuits
    Printen biscuits
  • Shortbread
  • Speculaas biscuits
    Speculaas biscuits
  • Spritz biscuits
    Spritz biscuits
  • Salt crackers
    Salt crackers
  • Chocolate biscuits
    Chocolate biscuits
  • Round bases
    Round bases
  • Tartlets
  • Dough bands
    Dough bands
  • Gebäck auf Etagere
    and much more!

Customers with craftsman’s and semi-industrial production facilities use our machines and cookie pattern rollers which provide capacities for small cookies and endless products of from 20 to 650 kg of dough per hour.

Our cookie moulding machines use pattern rollers with many different motifs. We offer a broad spectrum of traditional moulds, such as for speculaas biscuits, ornamented moulds for fine tea biscuits, pretzels, crescents, jam filled biscuits or Linzer biscuits. In addition, we offer our customers a diverse array of variety with Janssen’s Themed World of Pattern Rollers in seasonal designs for holidays and special times of the year. The exceptional expertise of our design and engraving shop also enables us to offer custom rollers which implement your personal motifs.

Using this wide spectrum of different dough types, our customers employ our cookie moulding machines to create delicious products that are further refined with exquisite and regional ingredients. The resulting high-quality pastries and cookies stand out from the mass-produced items offered by discounters and are purchased by those who understand the value of the very best in quality.

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