Quality since 1872!»Perfect harmony between cutting-edge production technologies and careful craftsmanship«

We consider the Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Janssen of the present to be a factory in the best sense of the word – a business enterprise that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern production techniques and lives out the compelling desire to ensure the sustainability of its products. Thus, in keeping with our convictions, our products are manufactured at our location in Krefeld and we work with regional suppliers.

We avoid unnecessary complexity in the design of our cookie moulding machines and instead pursue a single focus on the function that is required. All of the materials used are conceived to ensure a robust service life when employed in the food industry. The machines are made exclusively of recyclable, separable materials, such as high-quality stainless steel as well as food-grade aluminium and polyethylene. Moreover, we have designed the components used so that the customer can maintain or even replace them on their own.

The result is exceptionally long-lived and robust machines which are not subject to rapid technological ageing and are valued by our customers as essential tools for their daily work routines.


Our guiding principle»Janssen shapes enjoyment« With commitment, authenticity, esteem, and inspiration«

Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Janssen GmbH was founded in Krefeld in 1872 by our ancestors and we continue to operate as a family-owned factory, currently in the 5th generation. While our great-great-grandfather sold his hand-carved wooden speculaas-biscuit moulds, which were produced by formally trained artisan carvers, the very first cookie moulding machines were developed and assembled in the ensuing years.

Each of the five generations took on the challenges associated with their tenure in management and always felt a connection to the people who worked with their products – often under great time pressure – namely, the bakers and confectioners, the users of our products.

This is why we have chosen a user-oriented approach in developing the cookie formers of the F-Series, in which the experience and wishes of our customers have significantly shaped the requirement profile of our work.

The experience with our customers gathered over generations is a treasure that we guard with great diligence and from which we derive inspiration for new ideas in keeping with our watchword: »A future firmly rooted in the past«.

Janssen – Quality since 1872

Hall of Fame»Janssen’s numerous international awards«

Every great challenge requires a motivation and purpose to justify the arduous work, sleepless nights and the efforts required to overcome both small and large obstacles. Our main goal was to base the design of the F-Series on the suggestions, wishes and needs of our customers collected over many years, thus creating a product to meet the requirements of the present and future as they become more demanding in so many respects.

We are proud and extremely pleased that being presented with the highest distinctions of the most prestigious international innovation and design awards has confirmed our work.

German Innovation Awards 2021
iF Gold Award 2020
DBZ Trophy 2019
Plus X Marke des Jahres 2020
Plus X Produkt des Jahres 2020
German Design Award 2021
reddot winner 2020

Red Dot Design Award 2020»Award for High Design Quality«

The Red Dot stands for being amongst the world’s best in terms of design and business. The international design competition, the »Red Dot Design Award«, distinguishes outstanding design as recognized by a 40-member jury of experts in the areas of product design, communications design and design concepts.

  • The 6,500 submitted products were tested and evaluated individually
  • 40-member jury of experts

Janssen cookie formers won the »Red Dot Award 2020« for high design quality!

iF Design Award 2020»Distinction for Outstanding Design Achievements«

iF Gold Award 2020 iF Award Top 10

The iF DESIGN AWARD is amongst the most significant design awards worldwide. It recognizes outstanding design achievements in all disciplines: Product, packaging, communications and service design, architecture and interior design as well as professional concepts. In 2020, the jury with 78 international design experts from more than 20 nations presented the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020!

  • 7,298 entries
  • 56 nations
  • 78-member independent jury
  • 1,453 awards
  • 75 iF gold awards conferred!

Janssen cookie formers won the »iF Gold Award 2020« for outstanding design achievements!

Plus X Award 2020»Distinguished for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ergonomics«

The Plus X Award is the world’s most significant innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. It recognizes brands for the quality and innovative edge their products exhibit. The seven Plus X Award seals of approval in the categories of innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology provide guidance to both consumers and trade in their purchasing decisions.

»Janssen’s cookie formers were distinguished by the Plus X Award jury in 5 of 7 categories: High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ergonomics.«

»Janssen was awarded recognition as the best brand of 2020.«

»Janssen was awarded recognition as the best product of 2020.«

Südback Trophy 2019»Traditional award for exceptionally forward-looking innovations«

DBZ Trophy 2019

Since 2009, DBZ Magazin has been awarding the “DBZ Trophy” at the Südback international trade exhibition in Stuttgart. This traditional award for exhibitors at Südback is a coveted distinction and recognition for particularly forward-looking new products, innovative concepts and solutions for the baking trade.

»Janssen’s cookie formers won the DBZ Trophy 2019!«

German Design Award 2021»Winner in the category Excellent Product Design – Industry«

The German Design Award is one of the most renowned design awards worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond circles of experts. Those who prevail here against the top-class competition have successfully proven that they are amongst the best.

Janssen receives the distinction of "Winner" for the F-Series cookie formers in the category Excellent Product Design – Industry

German Innovation Award 2021»Distinction for outstanding innovative achievements«

German Innovation Awards 2021

Since 1953 the German Design Council has been active as the world’s leading competence centre for communication and the transfer of knowledge in the areas of design, branding and innovation. The jury is composed of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, institutions and finance. The submissions are evaluated using the criteria level of innovation, user benefit and cost efficiency. The innovation strategy should include aspects such as social, ecological, and economic sustainability as well as the use of energy and resources. Factors such as site and employment potential, durability, market readiness, technical quality and function, materiality and synergistic effects also play a decisive role in the adjudication process.

Niederrheinischen Formenfabrik Janssen is receiving the distinction of “Winner” for the F-Series cookie former in the category “Excellence in Business to Business – Machines & Engineering”.

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Brazenly stolen!»Mock award for our imitator Handymach in Turkey«

Plagiarius Award

Plagiarius prize winner 2021
“Handymach” in Turkey!

Plagiarius 2021: Against flagrant idea theft – for innovation and fair competition

The “Plagiarius” negative prize was conferred on 16 April 2021 for the 45th time – for the first time in a virtual press conference due to corona. Already since 1977, the association Aktion Plagiarius e.V. has been awarding the dreaded mock prize to the manufacturers and distributors of exceptionally flagrant plagiarisms and imitations. The distinction provides no information as to whether a product imitation is allowed or illegal in terms of the law. Instead, the objective of Aktion Plagiarius is to raise public awareness of the unscrupulous business practices of product and brand pirates and sensitize industry, politicians and consumers to this problem. The trophy is a black gnome with a golden nose. The latter symbolizes the exorbitant earnings unimaginative imitators collect at the cost of creative and innovative companies.

Before the jury, which changes annually, selects the winners, the alleged plagiarists are informed of their nomination and given the opportunity to issue a statement. The jury has no interest in stigmatizing the legal products of competitors. Instead, the objective is to draw attention to brazen one-to-one imitations that are intentionally designed to have a confusingly similar appearance to the original product and exhibit no creative or design effort whatsoever on the part of the imitator. Fortunately, due to fear of exposure by being conferred the “Plagiarius”, numerous plagiarists have sought a settlement with the original manufacturer and have, for example, taken the remainder of their plagiarized stock off the market, signed cease-and-desist declarations or revealed their suppliers.

The two machines in comparison

Original »Janssen«

Our dough roller Our youtube video

One-to-one »Handymach« copy

Fake dough roller
Even the video was copied

»The "Formfix" cookie former from the Janssen company in Krefeld is considered ideal for small bakeries and confectioners. Since October 2020, the appliance has also been offered by the Turkish firm Handymach. The design, construction, function, and even the exact same recipes down to the gram as well as the roller patterns were adopted. According to Plagiarius, the company does not respond to contact requests from Germany nor does it deliver any orders.«

Source: Aktion Plagiarius