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Special accessories

Our customers offer a diverse array of products in a wide variety of working environments. We therefore offer a correspondingly diverse range of special accessories for our JANSSEN pastry molding machines. Whether you want to integrate our machines into your production assembly lines or combine them with conveyor belt ovens – or even outfit a machine with a space-saving, foldable tray acceptance ramp extension – we provide an optimum solution for your operational requirements.

Variable speed motor

Our pastry molding machines can be equipped with a variable speed motor. This allows you to reduce or adjust the speed of the entire machine. You are then able to integrate the machine into a production assembly line or combine it with a conveyor belt oven.

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Upper conveyor belt speed regulation


  • Positioning pastries on cake pans/cake trays with endless dough strips
  • Molding latticework bases
  • Shaping cake bases and large dough pieces

The dough piece is slightly compressed while being shaped and trimmed. For larger dough pieces, such as cake bases, this compression can be compensated for by adjusting the upper conveyor belt setting. When positioning and spacing pastries on large cake pans with endless dough strips, the speed setting of the upper conveyor belt ensures the dough achieves a cohesive shape and prevents the dough strip from tearing.

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Foldable conveyor belt unit


  • Facilitates one-person operation of the machine
  • Larger tray rest
  • Space-saving when not in use

The fold-up height-adjustable conveyor belt unit makes it easier to work with longer baking trays and one-person operation. The conveyor belt unit can be folded up in the front and rear, saving a significant amount of space when the machine is not running. The unit can be very easily height adjusted when using high-rim trays (max. approx. 50 mm). 

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Anti-flipping rod


  • Shaping very small pastries (pastry length < 40 mm)

Kipferl pastries or cookies tend to flip over when being shaped and transferred onto the baking tray. The anti-flipping rod prevents the pastries from turning over and enables very easy adjustment.

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Hinge ramp


  • Usage of high-rim trays

The hinge ramp prevents the pastries from tumbling down when positioning and spacing cookies on high-rim trays. The pastries slide over the hinge ramp onto the baking tray.

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