• Spritzgebäck in verschiedenen Formen
  • Quadratische Butterkekse mit Struktur
  • Kekse in Herzform zum Valentinstag
  • Kükenkeks zur Osterzeit
  • Leckere Butterkekse mit Apfel
  • Kekse als Kartenspiel
  • Plätzchen in Form eines Kaninchens
  • Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Janssen
  • Kekse mit eingearbeiteten Symbolen
  • Gebäck speziell für Ostern
  • Kekse in Tierform aller Art
  • Hasen-Kekse mit Schokolade
  • Schoko-Butter Spritzgebäck
  • Frischei-Kekse
  • Ein Tablett mit Eiern, Keksen und Likör
  • Gebäck als Christbaumschmuck
  • Kekse mit einem Glas Milch
  • Kekse in allen Formen
  • Ein Tisch voll mit Butterkeksen
  • Blumenartige Schokokekse
  • Die passenden Kekse zum Valentinstag
  • Verziertes Gebäck
  • Ein Backblech voll Spekulatius
  • Keks in Osterkorb-Form
  • Kekse in Brezelform

»The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.« (Oscar Wilde)


»Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Gerh. Janssen & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG« is a family-owned manufacturer based in the Lower Rhine region of Krefeld since 1872. We produce high-quality pastry molding machines that structure and shape shortcrust pastries and efficiently process marzipan, Lebkuchen and Printen gingerbread doughs – all in keeping with our motto: »JANSSEN – shaping pleasure just the way you like«.

NFF-Janssen Kekse

Small cookies, huge variety

Our high-quality stainless steel pastry molding machines are built exclusively in our manufacturing plant in Krefeld – from the first construction sketch to the final surface finishing. Now in its fifth generation, Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Janssen continues to live the quality standard “Made in Germany”.

For customers with skilled labor and semi-industrial production processes, JANSSEN provides the machines of choice, capable of molding and shaping all types of cookies and continuous products in capacities ranging from 30 to 650 kg of dough per hour.

Our pastry molding machines feature molding rollers with various themes. We offer you a broad spectrum of classical shapes like Spekulatius (traditional German Christmas spiced almond biscuit figurines), ornamental shapes for fine shortcakes, pretzels, Kipferl (crescent-shaped biscuits), Husarenkrapfen (red jam-filled shortcrust cookies) or Linzer tortes. Thanks to the special expertise of our engraving workshop, we can create individually customized molding rollers for you with any theme you personally desire.

We are privileged to collaborate with customers from all over the world, whose pastry-shaping needs and ideas provide the inspiration for our daily work, while also informing every aspect of the design and advanced development of our products.

In Germany, our products are sold and distributed directly from Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Gerh. Janssen & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG. Contact us by email or telephone if you would like to place an order, request further product information or schedule a thorough consultation at our factory.

Abroad we work together with selected partners that sell you our products and stand ready to assist you with advice and support – please note our international vendor directory on this website.

Kekse Übersicht


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