A look behind the scenes

There is no future without a past

(Odo Marquart)

Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Gerh. Janssen & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Krefeld, Germany in 1872 and is currently in its fifth generation as a family-owned enterprise. From its earliest days when the company founder sold hand-carved Spekulatius spiced almond biscuit figurine shapes, the company later went on to develop and construct its first pastry molding machines.

Today the Niederrheinische Formenfabrik Janssen sees itself as a manufacturer in the best sense – as a company which combines traditional craftsmanship with modern production methods and remains steadfastly committed to the sustainability of its products. With pride and conviction, we produce our products at our location in Krefeld and partner with regional suppliers.

We eliminate unnecessary complexity in the construction of our pastry molding machines, instead focusing on the necessary functions. This gives rise to extremely durable and robust machines, resistant to technical wear and tear, which our customers prize and cherish as “workhorses” designed to last.

About us, Janssen


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